Sunday, 11 November 2012

Fancy dress fun!

 This year I got into the spirit of fancy dress and bought my wee woman a lovely Minnie Mouse outfit from Mothercare.  She loved it and, being totally impartial of coures, I thought she was totally adorable in it :)  The only downside being that after her Nursery's Halloween party one day and then a mini Halloween party at home the following day, she wanted to wear it every day! 

Not the easiest to explain to a two year old why she can't wear her "pretty Minnie dress" today! I have hidden it away for now, might get a Christmas outing or just remain parked until her baby sister is big enough for it! (I didn't dress up my 2 month old this year, she just slept through the fun!  She will have her day too, soon enough no doubt!)

I have never really enjoyed fancy dress, probably because I am a total chicken, frightened by everything, including the dark, and I never wanted my babies to be scared of people in fancy dress either. 

I also have never understood why people would want to make their children look terrifying and/or ugly on purpose at Halloween- hence my cute choice of Minnie dress above!

However, this year, under the influence of my little sis, who is a fancy dress fanatic, I went crazy and put on bunny ears lol! 

All in all, we had fun, my little lady was grinning from ear to ear whilst dressed up which made it a big success in my eyes.  Next year I will have to kit out my two little ladies for the festivities, joys!

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