Thursday, 8 November 2012

Sickness fun shared with the whole family!

                                                          My poor sick girls :(

The dreaded winter bug hit our house last week and the aftermath is just about cleared away now and I am truely drained, more than I ever could have believed I could be! 

Last Wednesday the bug crept up on my wee Brooke, the 2 year old getting used to using the potty/toilet.  Stressing about how diarrhoea would set her back in this development, I was and still am amazed that it was the one thing that perfected her technique!!  Out for lunch she insisted her auntie take her to the toilet and whilst waiting in obvious discomfort held it, refused a potty because "No way, need a toilet, it's too yucky!" And the toilet got it!  And every time since that the "Yuck" needed to go in the toilet.  So my advice for toilet training difficulties with Number 2s- diarrhoea is your friend!

From then on it has been vomitting and diarrhoea crazy times in my house :(  I have changed so many sheets and used so many baby wipes that I nearly ran out of both!  Nobody has had any energy, everone unhappy and gurning and to top it all off I took a horrendous spell of it myself on Monday with two children to look after at the same time I felt like I was dying! 

My finest moment was when I had to sprint to the loo mid way through changing my baby after a poop explosion, clenching poor Zoe to my chest and dropping parts of her outfit onto the floor along the way, then on my way back to the sitting room I tripped over Brooke's potty which she had filled while I was away and soaking the kitchen tiles, AND to top it all off my little dog got all excited and tried to lick it up!  It has truely been a disgusting time, which scented candles have been a god-send to get me through! 

Just about getting back to myself this morning, but still very tired my friend was texting me from a corporate event.  I could picture her, ever the glamazon, fitted outfit, immaculately turned out, networking away and the contrast was shocking as I lay slouched across the sofa, watching Mickey Mouse, in my dressing gown, 'milking' myself!  I think she had a good laugh at the image of this too! 

I am determined that I will pull myself out of this slump, the bug will not destroy me, I shall wear make-up again!  It has been a tough time, BUT the pros are- Brooke is amazing with the toilet now and I am bound to have shifted a reasonable amount of baby-weight! :) 


  1. wow and I thought my household was dramatic... glad to hear you have got through it. We are experiencing the trend of the winter bug. I have two granddaughters that live with me and we got hit after our eldest 6th birthday party. it was her two year old sister to get it first. a whole 37 hours of non sleep was draining. Then we had a third granddaughter sleep over who is soon to be 5 and she was stricken last night. then myself this morning. Whilst washing a third lot of bedding and disinfecting a bedroom my 6 yr old decided to cut my 2 yr olds hair. i dont know what i feel most bad about... sadly its one of those dreaded moments one doesnt want on repeat... hope your family stays well.. we live in nottinghamshire xx

  2. Oh my goodness, sounds awful, I bet you narly cried at the hair-cutting to top it all off! Having the bug in the house really takes over doesn't it, feels like it will never end! It's not until it has passed that you look back and can laugh at yourself, not cuz it was funny necessarily but laughing in disbelief! lol! We live in Northern Ireland= Co. Down x