Saturday, 27 October 2012

Potty Training laughter and tears!

Potty training- I dreaded it, I knew it had to be done and I embraced it with bucket loads of enthausiasm just over a week ago.  I feel exhausted but it has been brilliant, my wee Brooke has been a little star mastering the overall art of it all on the third day.  Nevertheless, there have been some comedic moments along the way which are too good not to share! 

My favourite was when Brooke spent an entire afternoon struggling with her number two's, jumping on and off the potty gurning "I can't do poo-poo, it's too yucky!"  She was uncomfortable and irritable and with my other little baby needing attention too I had a breakdown- I sat on the floor and started to cry.  Poor Brooke was shocked and concerned as I creid "I just want you to do a poo." The little trooper then pulled down her leggings and pants, sat on the potty and started to push her hardest and said in her wee voice "Brooke's doing a poo-poo on the potty to stop mummy crying" AND SHE DID!  After she finished she hugged me, wiped my cheeks and said "It's ok mummy, stop crying, Brooke did a poo!"  I couldn't stop laughing at the wee pet as we rang her granny to tell her all about it!  If I had realised my tears were so powerful I would have used this tactic sooner!

Also amazingly hilarious about the whole thing was how my little lady's rear end supposedly had become so sensitive.  After months of landing full whack on it from carrying on, sitting on all sorts of awkward things she shouldn't have, including the family pets, suddenly Brooke was very fussy about what she sat on.  The cheap potty was "too sore"  the fancier potty was "too big" the toilet seat supplement was "big and sore."  It was all her ploy to get a game of chase started as she sprinted between all toileting options around the house cackling away in joy, driving me mad!

On our first trip out to mum's and toddlers a week into training, I was entertained by how in total awe Brooke was of  our Church hall and its wide variety of toilets and potties available.  I spent the whole two hour session running in and out after her claiming she needed to pee just so she could take turns of sitting on every throne in the building! I soon stopped being entertained as I sweated through the session, so grateful of a good friend nursing my tiny Zoe to allow my wild goose chase, as other mums got a laugh at me and Brooke!

So potty training is going reasonably well so far with plenty of laughter and tears along the way!   Anyone else having potty training drama too?

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